Mick Sussman

The Creator of The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator


With the push of a button, The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator, a program by Mick Sussman, creates a unique piece of music, making thousands of decisions based on a sequence of randomized processes.

The resulting compositions -- mesmeric, microtonal, rhythmically intricate, seemingly purposeful and surprisingly varied -- demonstrate the potential of partially automated creativity. Rosenberg is freakishly prolific: it can crank out music as fast as a human can process it, 50 hours and counting.

The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator: Selected Works, Vol. 2 is out on the Anticausal Systems label. The Sublunar Society released Selected Works, Vol. 1.


Mick Sussman is a news editor at The New York Times who has written for The Book Review. His journalism Twitter persona is here. His music Twitter persona is here.

A video presentation on Rosenberg.

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